Mexico, MO is getting some press this week in the form of a joint announcement by Reliv International and Soy Labs.

With the help of the Missouri Plant Science Center here in Mexico, MO, they are launching a soy powder under the trademark “LunaRich”

Reliv is a pretty major player in the world of nutritional supplements, although you won’t find their products on the store shelves. They are distributed by independent marketers (there’s actually several individuals in Mexico, MO who sell these products). They are promoting a major product launch at the Reliv National Convention on Feb. 17 that will feature this new “LunaRich” soy powder.

What exactly is LunaRich? From the press release: LunaRich is a whole soy powder containing five to ten times more lunasin than the industry standard. And it is the first product to come out of the joint biotechnology partnership that Reliv, Soy Labs and the MPSC formed last August.



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